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ARTICLE #2 • Author: Paul R. Marino • “What do You Really Know About the Broker Entrusted to Sell Your Most Important Asset?”


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Paul R. Marino, Principal Broker of Landfall Properties, LLC, holds a BS in Economics from Lehigh University, and brings more than a quarter century of brokerage experience to your transaction. Before entering real estate, he proudly served as a Captain in the USAF, where he excelled in the capacity of Navigation Officer, Senior Training Flight Instructor, and Command Post Officer Controller with Strategic Air Command.


Following eight years service as a regular officer, Paul began his real estate career brokering properties in southern New Hampshire, eventually expanding throughout New England, where he now holds an active broker license in CT, MA, NH, VT, and ME (coming soon to FL and RI). He has extensive experience across a broad cross section of the real estate industry, involving three separate and distinct sectors (brokerage, appraising, and house renovation/resale). Paul brokered his first property nearly three decades ago, and has held active membership in the REALTOR® organization for the past 30 years.


Principal Broker, Paul R. Marino, REALTOR® since 1988

Principal Broker, Paul R. Marino,
REALTOR® since 1988

During his expansive career, Paul has compiled a virtually unblemished record of integrity in real estate brokerage, his former partnership in a property appraisal and valuation firm, and in his impressive number of successful home renovation/restoration turnaround projects. Never once has he been the subject of a mere complaint, much less an ethics violation with any state real estate commission for which he holds a license (currently CT, MA, NH, VT, and ME). A perfect record. Paul has leveraged these impeccable credentials to build a sophisticated network of referral partners spanning 23 US states and 3 Canadian provinces.


In the early 1990's he co-founded and partnered a real estate valuation and appraisal firm, where he was active up until 2007. Paul was one of the first licensed real estate appraisers in the State of New Hampshire, having personally performed in excess of 6,000 (six-thousand) formal appraisals for banks, mortgage companies, governmental agencies, and attorneys. His massive volume of work speaks for itself, having built a decades long reputation for thoroughness, unblemished integrity, value accuracy, and common sense. He has provided expert witness testimony on innumerable occasions both in and out of the courtroom, and is well known throughout the appraisal industry.


Landfall Properties, LLC was formed in 2007, in the immediate aftermath of the world financial downturn brought about by the sub-prime mortgage and foreclosure crisis. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Landfall Properties, LLC focused on auction buying, house renovation, and subsequent brokering of those properties. Landfall Properties, LLC was responsible for an impressive number of successful turnaround projects that took seriously distressed real estate, and transformed them into vibrant, productive properties. Paul has attended hundreds of formal auctions, successfully bidding at many, harnessing the knowledge gained from decades of valuation experience.


Paul's diverse skill set includes extensive hands on experience with most construction trades, to include framing, siding, roofing, kitchens, baths, flooring, additions, and decks. In the competitive arena of auction buying, rehabilitation, and resale, what you see on television is pure fiction. Buying properties at auction requires specific knowledge not only of markets, but also in the construction trades if costs are to be contained, and the project is to be brought in on budget. At any given moment, the decision must be made to sub-contract, or perform in-house, all the while performing the mental calculation that time is money.


As real estate markets recovered from the foreclosure crisis, Landfall Properties, LLC expanded into virtual brokerage in 2014, capitalizing on the efficiencies now made possible by the Internet, and the mass proliferation of data, formerly held by a select few. Buyers today are sophisticated, and have access to the exact same inventory of available properties that brokers and appraisers have access to. No longer is this data shielded from the public. Within 15+/- minutes of a listing broker posting a home to the Internet, the public can see the property on Realtor.com®, Zillow.com®, Trulia.com®, and hundreds more websites.


In fact, in 80% to 90% of all home purchases, it is the buyer themselves that locates the home, NOT the buyer broker. The buyer only brings a buyer broker into the mix because many buyers do not like dealing directly with sellers. Took much emotion. Too much drama. So, they engage a buyer broker to act as a "buffer" and "go-between". Plus, it typically costs the buyer nothing for this service, and, when working with Landfall Properties, LLC, actual pays you a cash rebate at the closing table, typically in the thousands, all for doing nothing.


The fundamental, underlying concept behind the virtual brokerage business is simple. It is based on the decades long observation that in more than two out of every three sales, a hard, demonstrable statistic, it is an outside buyer broker that is performing the "heavy lifting" task of locating a buyer - not the broker with the sign on the front lawn. The critical task of securing a viable buyer is worth paying for if you have to (generally 2% to 3%), but why leave money on the table in the form of an entirely unnecessary listing side commission (another 2% to 3% on top of the buyer broker commission). Our two minute video on the home page explains this concept very clearly.


The listing side of the transaction has long been the focus of many home sellers, who have recently "seen the light", and now know there are really only two things that sell a home, that is, a well researched asking price, and mass marketing over the Internet. Little else matters. To be sure, other things influence a sale, like location, condition, quality, and square footage, but no broker has any control over these factors. Real estate is one of the few businesses in the world where it is not possible for the company offering the product to change or modify what is being sold. No broker can change the quality of your location, or the caliber of your construction.


As you can see, it matters little who lists your home, as long as your data and photos are posted quickly and accurately to the Internet. No one, and we do mean no one, is more efficient at posting your home particulars to the Internet than we are. Not only efficient, but thorough, accurate, and comprehensive. All data and photos received by our office by 11:00AM EST M-F are published the same day to Realtor.com®, Zillow.com®, Trulia.com®, and nearly 100 syndicated partners. Those listings received after 11:00AM are published the very next day. Want proof? Ask to be placed in touch with any number of current or past clients. Ask them anything. Totally unscripted.


If your home must be listed, at least do so knowing you will be saving thousands of dollars on the listing side sales commission. Landfall Properties, LLC allows home sellers to be aggressive in their pricing, knowing they will be saving roughly 50% of a typical real estate commission, and in some cases 100% (pay no sales commission to any broker party) if you secure a buyer yourself. The possibility of paying $0 in commission is distinctly possible, since every single inbound lead to Landfall Properties, LLC gets routed directly to you, the home seller, for follow up. We do not intercept buyer leads. Take these leads and run with them, because every single home sale begins with the all important inbound call, text, or email.


The entire business model of Landfall Properties, LLC is based on the simple premise that no broker "sells", or convinces someone to buy a home. If the home meets the financial and physical requirements of the buyer ahead of all other competition, they will buy it. Those properties lingering on the market will continue to do so, regardless of the chosen listing broker. REASON: Either the home is overpriced, or it contains some physical attribute, or other characteristic (i.e. location), that buyers find objectionable.


For your benefit, you should know that Landfall Properties, LLC will never simultaneously represent both a buyer and a seller that are parties to the same transaction. We do this for a very simple reason. Common sense leads us to conclude our clients feel most comfortable when they unequivocally know their real estate brokerage "has their back", at all times, no matter what. No real estate brokerage takes their fiduciary responsibilities of loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, and diligence more seriously than we do.


Landfall Properties, LLC believes in giving back to the community. Paul has served as a construction volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, as well as a Red Cross Disaster Response Volunteer. We are a proud contributor to both Wounded Warrior Project and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where we are a Partner In Hope.

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