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Client Testimonials

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Donald and Moira Boucher
Home Buyers (Ivoryton, CT) – MLS#: N10238500
Home Sellers (Sunderland, VT) - MLS #: 4490026

"We recently sold a house in Vermont and bought one in Connecticut with Landfall Properties acting as our agent. Paul Marino was an invaluable asset during these transactions and also saved us a considerable amount of money. The last house we bought was 42 years ago and I had no idea how complicated it had become over the years. Paul was able to guide us through the problems and always got back to us very promptly to calm our nerves.

When we compared his demeanor to that of the seller brokers in Connecticut, it was no contest, he was far and away the winner. His knowledge of the real estate business is evident in the way he handles the whole process. Not only were we impressed with Paul’s knowledge and innovated programs but our mortgage broker also became a fan. We would recommend Landfall Properties to anyone buying or selling a house."

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Mr. Charles Spinale
Home Seller (Barrington, NH) MLS#: 4411688
Home Buyer (Rochester, NH) – MLS#: 4467677

“I first found out about Paul and Landfall Properties LLC in an ad I saw in one of the local real estate publications. After meeting with other real estate brokers and being quoted 8% to 10% commission on selling my commercial property, I decided to give Paul a call. That phone call and the hiring of Paul and his services saved me $40,000.  I then hired Paul to represent me as my Buyer Broker in the purchase of a new home. Through Paul’s recommendations and help we were able to negotiate an additional $10,300 in extras added to our new home, without any additional cost to us, the buyers. Total savings to us, $50,300 by hiring Paul and Landfall Properties.

As a buyer broker, Paul helped us in negotiating with a difficult and irrational seller. He was instrumental in leading the way between us and the seller, and also coordinating the process with the bank and attorney. I can't say enough good things about Paul. I highly endorse him, and recommend using his services in buying or selling your property." 

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Ms. Kathleen Newbrough
Home Seller (Underhill, VT) – MLS #: 4469967

"We tried using two different traditional agents to sell our home, but once they had it listed, their only advise to get it to sell was to lower the price, then lower it again, and again. Zero creativity, and very little effort. By listing with Paul Marino, we were able to lower the price significantly, but still net what we wanted because we controlled the commission and didn't have to offer the traditional 6%. He did have creative ideas and was a wealth of useful information.

We found Paul to be professional, knowledgable, and always very quick to respond to questions. You can find other flat fee agents but you will not find a better one, or a better deal. He thinks outside the box and can help sell homes that may not have a lot of buyers in the price range, or in the given area. He gets the balance between being helpful, but not being pushy with his advice, just right. We have worked with many agents over the years and we feel he is the best, most hardworking, fair, and trustworthy real estate professional we have every used. We look forward to using his services when we decide to buy a new home or sell again. We give him our very highest recommendation and wish him continued success."

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Mrs. Shana Grace Keirn
Home Buyer (Lyme, CT) – MLS#: 170009715

"When purchasing a home, everyone you talk to tells you that it’s a nightmare. In the very beginning everything was going so smoothly I didn’t know what everyone was talking about. BAM, then the chaos ensued. If Paul was not our broker we would have lost the house, our deposits and all money we had  spent on it. With Paul being so knowledgeable about all things home, he was able to seamlessly get us through every obstacle that we came across, including home repairs and quoting repairs.

Paul kept telling us, don’t worry we will get through this and that house will be yours. At the end of the process Paul kept saying that I was so calm through this whole thing, but basically he talked me off the ledge many times without even knowing it. Paul also treated us like we were his own family, something that I feel like is a lost art. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly one of a kind Paul! I recommend Paul to everyone I know! It may be the difference between getting a new home or not. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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Mr. Paul Bemis
Home Seller (Bow, NH) – MLS#: 4417682

"My wife and I have owned a number of homes during our marriage and when it came time to sell our current home and downsize, we looked for alternatives to using a traditional listing agent. After researching the "For Sale by Owner" market and reading the reviews by users, we ruled that method out as it does not motivate the buyer broker to bring in their qualified customers. However, we did come across the approach of a "flat fee broker" and found Paul Marino (Principal Broker of Landfall Properties) in our area. Paul has an excellent system, and is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Through our relationship with Paul, we were able to list our home immediately on the NEREN MLS system and began to get leads within a few days. We received two offers within a month of listing our home and accepted one within 60 days of listing the property. Paul was a complete professional throughout the entire process and was available by phone and email every step of the way.

One additional note I would make is to remember you will be working directly with the buyer broker to sell your home. This implies the need for you to "stage and show" the property as well as negotiate with the buyer broker on items ranging from counter-offers to home inspection results. Paul is an excellent resource and is exceptionally responsive, but it will be you doing the work on these issues, not Paul, so be prepared. Having said this, we found the entire process to be smooth and resulted in a savings of $17,500 on the sale of our property."

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Ms. Michelle Gagnon
Home Buyer (Salem, MA) – MLS#: 72225142

"Paul Marino is the consummate professional. His knowledge of the industry, realism, and honesty shine through in everything he does. As a single woman looking for my first home, I had a lot of questions. I wanted to be close to Boston where I work, wanted to be someplace interesting, and wanted a  place with character that wouldn't involve too much maintenance. Paul did diligent research for me and in no time had targeted properties on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Owning a condo became the best option for me. Paul moved swiftly and with confidence when he found my Salem condo in a historic part of town. Not only was it exactly what I was looking for, he also negotiated a price $20,000 under asking. Paul saved me thousands of dollars in the buying process due to his years of experience and real estate savvy, and I eliminated many unnecessary fees along the way. I felt as though Paul had my back the entire time. He was always extremely responsive, and he treated the transaction as if it were his own. Paul is a rarity in today's world, especially in real estate. He is not your conventional broker, and for that I am thankful. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul for all of your real estate needs."

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Alison Cheroff and Michael Wilson
Home Sellers (Barre, VT) – MLS #: 4623022

"Landfall Properties is a most honest and caring company. Paul Marino gave us advice and help way beyond the call of duty. He really is there to help you, that is number one on his list--to help you save money and to sell your home. We wish that all businesses were based in the philosophy of helping others! Paul returns calls and questions almost immediately. Every lead is fielded right to you, and he makes sure that you get it. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical that the "FOR SALE" sign, which is included in your package, was valued at $100. Our other sign was flimsy, and kept falling down, especially in the ice and snow of Vermont. When this thing arrived, it was huge and sturdy, and we could drive it right into the partially frozen ground. I could see our sign from four blocks down the road. People can scan a code on the sign, get pictures and information about your listing, and not even get out of their car. Then I understood why it was valued at $100. Everything we were promised was delivered to us with the highest quality of service, and I am happy to recommend Landfall Properties wholeheartedly."

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Tom and Lisa Breen
Home Sellers (Rye Beach, NH) – MLS #: 4502157

"If you want to save money when selling your home the most logical place to start is by saving the listing commission. If you are selling a hundred thousand dollar condo or a million dollar home, you shouldn't have to pay 2.5% to 3% just to get it on the MLS.  You do need to pay a co-broke commission to the broker who brings you a buyer, but using Paul Marino to list it on the MLS and all of the other real estate web sites is a no brainer.

Paul's attention to detail and responsiveness are how service levels should be measured. If a lead comes in we would get instant notification from him so we can respond to potential showing request very quickly. He would also get some quick background on them as well. Paul was great to work with and we would absolutely use him again."

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Mr. William H. Kugel
Home Seller (Madison, NH) – MLS#: 4635532

"When I first began investigating options for an MLS Flat Fee service that covered the local Realtor Boards in the New England area, I was skeptical. Then I found Paul Marino of Landfall Properties, LLC, and I have never been disappointed. Paul and his staff are not only very professional, but they mean every word of how they describe the ways they will help you before, during, and after the sale of your home.

Paul has my deepest professional respect and profound gratitude for being there for us whenever I had a question. He really individually tracks your progress and stays on top of every detail. After hitting the MLS, our home had a showing, then a contract, in about 10 days. Paul's advice proved invaluable in negotiations, for inspections, and many other questions. He exceeded our expectations by a lot.  I can wholly recommend Paul Marino and Landfall Properties, LLC."

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Ms. Debbie L. Davis Lashua
Home Seller (Farmington, NH) – MLS#: 4382419

"I first heard about the money saving property listing service of Landfall Properties over the radio, listening to Jack Heath's talk show on 96.7 FM. This company does everything they say they will do, and more. Before listing with Landfall, I had my property on the market with other companies, but all of them were charging between 5% to 6% to list.

With Landfall I only ended up paying 2.5% in total real estate commissions (saving me nearly $4,000 in the process). They explained, and later proved, there were really only two things that got my house sold (a correct price and MLS/Internet exposure). The proof was me getting my home under agreement in just 26 days. I would highly recommend this listing service, whether you use their FREE MLS listing service, or their huge selection of premium products."

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Mrs. Michelle Campopiano
Home Seller (Sunapee, NH) – MLS #: 4488493

I came across Landfall Properties, LLC in my despairing search for an honest, reasonably priced, "MLS List Only" real estate company. I was determined to sell my own house after experiencing a long, costly, failed attempted with a traditional agency. Thus, I was looking for a simple exchange of payment for MLS enlistment without any further hidden fees, listing manipulation or lead redirection; and after countless searches and negative feedback, it had become a fruitless, hopeless endeavor. All the while, my husband and I had grown so frustrated and angry that home owners needing to sell, particularly those with a narrow selling price range that makes the difference between a net gain and owing the bank at closing, had no trust-worthy listing alternative to losing 6% of the sale price to a full service real estate firm.


Consequently, I was beyond skeptical of what I read on Landfall Properties website; it was just to good to be true. Honestly, I didn't even want all it offered; I had the attitude "I can do it all, just put my property on the MLS, here's your payment and leave me and my listing alone". In disbelief, yet clearly affirmed the other MLS list-only options were to precarious to pursue, I sent an email to Landfall Properties, boldly questioning the legitimacy of their services, fees and agenda. Within an hour, I received a highly detailed, assuring response from the owner, Realtor Paul Marino.  In addition, he provided a wealth of information, a list of previous client contact information for further attestation of his services, and encouraged me to call him directly with further questions. Too skittish to contact prior clients, yet still grappled with pessimism, I did my own company, owner look-up investigation. With literally not one single negative word, report or complaint or either the company, its services, or the owner surfacing, I had no excuse left not to call Paul. 


So, I went in doubting and it proved to be the best decision I made! Paul and his staff ensured all details of my listing were to my specifications while offering suggestions when I was clouded. They were always responsive to any changes needed, and I made lots of changes! All leads were immediately forwarded to me; and Paul's unwavering support and inclusive services which I thought I didn't want, not only did I need, but without them...I know my house wouldn't have been sold at this time. I had experienced much success selling my three prior homes without any assistance, so I had felt confident I would sweep this sale just the same; I could not have been further from the truth! Besides the overall volatile market, my property had a huge location disadvantage; it was in rural community that offered a very small market for my particular house. My prior homes were all located in suburban areas before 2004 when newspapers, not the internet, wheeled the sale; deals were forged face to face; relationship with local buyer brokers were personally established, and markets heavily favored sellers. It's a very different ball park now; for sale by owners have a lot more to contend with, very savvy buyers and shrewd, perverse buyer agents looking to steal your deal without even having to step inside your home. An expert in the field must have your back and this is the service that sets Landfall Properties way above and beyond any other its class; in fact, it stands alone.


For obvious reasons, it is rudimentary to chose a listing-only agent that won't refer your leads to others and simply do exactly as expected, yet smarter to enlist one that offers the kind of supportive services one may come to need. In our experience, it was Paul's expertise that made a huge difference through out our selling process. Paul quickly pointed out evasive, contentious statements that poised red flags in an early unfavorable offer received and provided point-on advise that came to pass just as he stated, saving us from further countering on a futile offer. He continued his support by providing viable alternatives actions and ideas to best promote a sale that proved vital to our success; he was always prompt to respond to our questions and divulge his valuable insight. On a second offer we received, my husband took full control of negotiations; Paul was not consulted or involved, and it proved to be a huge mistake as emotions soared, negotiations quickly fell through. When the next offer came, we didn't hesitate to bring in Paul for consultation and negotiations; he played a key role in securing the selling contract. 


Paul's negotiating skills were tactful in prevailing our wishes, yet conscientious in approach to best keep the buyers interest. His services were pivotal; his knowledge alone was more valuable, yet Paul's work ethics are even more impressive as it is rate to find such a caliber in the business world, let alone in this profession. We are thankful just to have had him on our side. . In the end, we were able to sell our rural property within a six month period, paying out only 2.5% to the buyer broker! To put this in perspective, this same property sat in the market for two years contracted with a full service agency yielding only four showings! The Landfall Properties' service model is ideal and it proved to be the only way we will proceed here on outit is truly a smarter flat fee listing!

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Gary and Noreen Strauch
Home Seller (Amherst, NH) – MLS #: 4508962

"In less than two weeks from listing with Landfall Properties we were under contract for the sale of our Amherst, NH home. The advertisements that Paul Marino posted on MLS, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow and a multitude of other Internet real estate sites offered a 2.5 percent buyer broker fee and generated 19 showings with a solid purchase and sales agreement in just over 12 days. 

I first discovered Landfall properties via an Internet search and their advertised no cost MLS listing service made me somewhat skeptical and wondering what is the catch? After speaking with a prior Landfall client I was however very impressed with the endorsement they provided as to the professionalism of Paul and his team. What sounded too good to be true actually turned out to be true, and verified Paul's explanation that Landfall's revenue was principally derived from downstream buyer broker fees.

The listing process was simple but did involve a fair amount of do it yourself activities such as taking photos, preparing the property disclosure document, drafting a listing description for editing by Landfall, scheduling showings and conducting tours with prospective buyers. Given a background in marketing, I was quite comfortable handling these activities.

As soon as we learned that a offer was forthcoming, we upgraded to Landfall’s Premium Marketing package. This was a well spent 499 dollars as Paul took on all the necessary contractual paperwork exchanges, handled counter offers, and provided valuable advice and counsel. He was incredible in being always available and providing rapid responses to questions right through to the closing, which went flawlessly. 

We then engaged Paul to locate a Buyer Broker for us at our new location in Florida. We hired Paul to locate a buyer broker for our new home in Venice, FL. He put us together with a competent realtor familiar with the area. We are currently looking at properties with the added comfort of knowing we will received a substantial rebate that will go towards the closing costs associated with the new home. 

In this new age of Internet real estate, the Landfall business model makes sense, and reduces consumer costs significantly. They have my complete endorsement." 

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Ms. Karen L. Stensrud
Home Seller (Dover, NH) – MLS #: 4501919

"I was very pleased working with Paul Marino as my realtor. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Paul was thoughtful of my needs and excellent in communicating and follow up throughout the process of selling my home. He was very attentive and on top of all important steps in the sale process.

I found Paul easy to work with and trustworthy. His attention to detail made for a very smooth process from listing through the sale and closing of my home. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

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Ms. Judith Leclair
Home Seller (Dover, NH) – MLS #: 4509014

"Paul Marino was very helpful to me in the recent sale of my house. His advice was spot-on in pricing and marketing.  He went above and beyond in helping me get my house ready for the market.

I would recommend Paul as a seller broker to anyone. He made the process of selling my house as pleasant as possible."

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Mr. John Learoyd
Home Seller (Amherst, NH) – MLS#: 4470259

"How real estate is sold has significantly changed over the past several years, and no company has positioned itself better than Landfall Properties, lead by its very dedicated owner, Paul Marino. If you are looking to sell your house then this is "the" company, and Paul is the person you want to work with. After doing weeks of research, we decided to sell our Amherst, NH home on our own using Landfall Properties as the Listing Agent. Paul was with us every step of the way, and was incredibly responsive to any questions we had (I was beginning to wonder if he ever sleeps). He got our house up on MLS and all other relevant real estate web sites and advised us on the pics and description to make our house most attractive to potential buyers. The net result was that a private party saw our house on a real estate web site and contacted us. Without any buyer or seller brokers involved we personally negotiated a P&S with the private party and closed on the sale of our house. We saved over $21,000 in commissions!

I can't thank Paul enough, and I can't over emphasize how greatly I recommend this company.  If you are looking to sell your home on your own and are willing to put in the work to stage your home, work with buyer brokers and private parties, and negotiate sales agreements, this is the company you want to use." 

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Mr. Rodney Jacobson
Home Seller (Lebanon, NH) – MLS#: 4434420

"I found Landfall Properties, LLC to be unlike any other brokerage I've ever encountered. They are long on facts, and short on fluff. this company saved me $5,530 on the sale of my Lebanon home. Had I not used Landfall, I would have paid out an additional $5,530 in real estate commission.  In the end, I only paid 2.5% in total sales commission, which was far more reasonable than the 6% most were charging. The principal broker (Paul R. Marino) provided a huge amount of helpful information and advice over the course of several months, and was with me every step of the way. I am happy to provide my highest recommendation to a company that delivers, plain and simple."

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Mr. Jon C. Woodhull
Home Seller (Cornish, NH) – MLS#: 4462342

"I would recommend Paul Marino for anyone looking to list their home. We had listed originally with another broker, and once they had the listing, we never heard much from them. They had a couple of showings, but those seemed to be very poor matches. Then we listed with Paul in December, definitely not the best time of year to list in NH, but we instantly had numerous showings and were under contract in three months. Paul helped us with every detail and had many wonderful suggestions. He is definitely the best! If you want your house sold he is your go to person. Any questions we had, he answered within minutes. He was always available."

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Mr. Joseph Massie
Home Seller (Chester, NH) – MLS#: 4469332

"Paul was extremely helpful in assisting me in my home sale. He was always available to answer my questions and provided needed advise. He is a commission free agent but I do recommend that you purchase his MLS List Premium Marketing Package. It is well worth it!"

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Mr. Jeremy E. Streeter
Home Seller (Durham, NH) – MLS#: 4408384

"We explored many different options when we first began looking for a real estate company to list our home. After much investigation, we felt that the typical listing broker percentages were too high and an alternative was needed. We decided to try a flat-fee online listing service (not Landfall Properties, LLC), which was $500.00 up front and only provided us with 5 months of 'listing time' before we had to renew. By a stroke of good fortune, we received a solicitation e-mail from Landfall Properties, LLC. Landfall was different from any other company - they promised to list our home for FREE for 60 days in the official NEREN MLS database and on other websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com and Trulia.com. Naturally, we were skeptical at this incredible offer, but it turned out to be a great decision.

Landfall Properties went above and beyond to give us the best service. If we needed an adjustment made to our listing or had any questions, there was always someone ready to help. We successfully sold our home as a result of the MLS exposure Landfall provided, and we saved over $6,000 on the listing side commission. We were very fortunate to have discovered a flat-fee listing service that understands the nature of the real estate business, and we will certainly be contacting them again for our next home sale."

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Ms. Rosemarie Williams
Home Seller (Barre, VT) – MLS#: 4414429

"Paul Marino began helping me with my home sale even before I signed on with Landfall Properties. He called and asked pertinent questions about my needs and goals, and walked me through the entire process of listing. He stayed involved while the house was listed, and was very prompt to respond to my questions to changes to my listing. I especially admire his belief in giving back by donating a portion of his fee to organizations close to his heart (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Wounded Warrior Project). By giving, we all receive. I will definitely recommend Paul to others who are considering a home sale!"

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Mr. Mario Dumont
Home Seller (Bristol, NH) – MLS#: 4392510

"In the past, I listed my Bristol home with several different NH brokerages. I did not see a whole lot of difference between any of them. All were charging roughly the same in sales commissions (about 5% to 6% on average). Of course if they had found me a buyer, half the total commission (2.5% to 3%) would have gone to the Buyer broker. Since I was perfectly capable of showing my home myself, I figured why not streamline this whole thing, and save myself a lot of money - $13,975 in my case. So I started doing some research, and came across Landfall Properties, LLC. I was impressed with what they offered, and even more impressed with the amount of money I would be saving when I sold my home. I am convinced this is the smartest way of listing.  This company is providing huge exposure of my home, and generating excellent Buyer Broker activity. The customer service offered by this company is better than anything I have ever experienced."

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Mr. Robert E. LaRocque
Home Seller (Hudson, NH) – MLS#: 4457871

"Impressive! This is the best word I know to describe what you can expect from Landfall Properties, LLC, and its principal broker Paul Marino.  I first spoke with Paul after receiving his postcard in the mail. I called him on my way home from work with questions about his services, commissions, exposure to the market etc. One question led to another and he was so amazing that he spent all that time with me on the phone I was very impressed with his no nonsense style and experience.

I decided to go forward with the 60 day trial and the whole process was extremely stress free. No matter when I had a question - Friday night, Sunday afternoons, he was always answering my emails and telephone calls. I purchased their premium listing package for just $499, which is a bargain by any measure. Because I was saving so much money on the seller listing/broker side, I was able to price my home more competitively lowering the price by $10,000 knowing I would only have a 2% buyer broker fee at the most. There was also an opportunity to have no buyer broker fee due to the way Paul markets the home. I sold my home about 70 days into the process with Paul and he continued to be there step by step with sound advice and counsel. AMAZING. Anyone selling their home would be unwise to not give this a try to keep 3% of the sales price in your pocket! Some things in this life seem too good to be true, but this is a rare case where it's not. Paul is courteous, an expert Realtor, and is extremely helpful and resourceful. I strongly recommend Paul and would encourage you to contact him. “Solid information, no spin.”

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Ms. Barbara Pratt
Home Seller (St. Albans City, VT) – MLS#: 4447966

"I give Paul Marino, Principal Broker of Landfall Properties, LLC our highest recommendation if you are interested in working with a professional who knows every facet of the real estate market. When we decided to sell our second home, the business model of Landfall Properties, LLC greatly appealed to us. My husband and I have bought and sold a fair amount of properties over the years, and with our combined experience, we knew we wanted the type of listing arrangement that this company offers. Paul helped us tremendously during the process of listing our property and promptly replied to any questions or concerns we had."

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Mr. Joseph A Bellabona – Lt Col, USAF Retired
Home Seller – (Lee, NH)

"I've known Paul for more than three decades. He skillfully brokered my current home, providing first rate, over the top service at every step in the process. He misses nothing, and leaves nothing to chance. Before entering real estate, we served on the same aircrew in Strategic Air Command. Paul was my navigator, and I was both his aircraft commander and Operations Officer. In this modern era of GPS technology, the idea of a navigator might be foreign to some. This is a guy that can find his way across an ocean with a sextant and a compass."

"If I had to describe him in two words, it would be "reliable" and "dependable". We flew hundreds of air refueling missions together, criss-crossing the globe. As a Captain and Senior Training Flight Instructor, Paul was one of the most trusted and respected officers in my squadron. If you're contemplating doing anything important, Paul can be counted on to deliver."

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Mrs. Jeanne Haley
Home Seller (Dover, NH) – MLS#:121274

"Having known Paul Marino for two and a half decades, I am happy to comment on his real estate brokerage skills, as well as his moral character and professionalism. Paul listed my home for sale and successfully brokered the transaction performing every aspect of the job with the utmost care, diligence, and attention to detail. He anticipated problems before they occurred, and was quick to put solutions in place that made the process appear seamless on my end. I know he was working hard behind the scenes to ensure it looked easy, and I appreciated him keeping me in the loop every step of the way.

Paul was especially diligent in screening buyers, ensuring that only highly qualified candidates came through my door.  His unique combination of not only broker negotiating skills, but property valuation experience, put my house on the market at the optimal price, and sold it in a timely fashion. You will be well served by hiring Paul if contemplating either a purchase or sale of your home."

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Betty and Bruce de Bree
Home Sellers (Lee, NH) – MLS#: 4428828

"We can't say enough good things about Paul Marino and Landfall Properties, LLC! We filled out the easy paperwork right on the website and got it listed on MLS and all the other web based real estate sites for FREE. We sold the house in 32 days and only paid 2.5% in commission to the buyers broker, saving us nearly $10,000! Paul was very responsive with any questions we had via email and sent us lots of helpful information. He was there all the way through closing. This is the absolute best way to list and sell your property."

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Ms. Mary Anne Douglas
Home Seller (Barre VT) – MLS#: 4447823

"The sale of our house was not without complications. Paul did a great job helping us maneuver the various twists and turns along the way. He was extremely responsive and gave us excellent advice. In the end, had we not taken his advice, we would likely have lost about $5,000 on the sale. We  definitely plan to use Paul again for our future real estate needs."

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Mrs. Shana Grace Keirn
Home Buyer (Lyme, CT) – MLS#: 170009715

"When purchasing a home, everyone you talk to tells you that it’s a nightmare. In the very beginning everything was going so smoothly I didn’t know what everyone was talking about. BAM, then the chaos ensued. If Paul was not our broker we would have lost the house, our deposits and all money we had  spent on it. With Paul being so knowledgeable about all things home, he was able to seamlessly get us through every obstacle that we came across, including home repairs and quoting repairs.

Paul kept telling us, don’t worry we will get through this and that house will be yours. At the end of the process Paul kept saying that I was so calm through this whole thing, but basically he talked me off the ledge many times without even knowing it. Paul also treated us like we were his own family, something that I feel like is a lost art. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly one of a kind Paul! I recommend Paul to everyone I know! It may be the difference between getting a new home or not. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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Laurie and Matthew Logue
Home Sellers (Gilford, NH) – MLS#: 4651608

"When the time came to sell our second home, we decided we would use a “Flat Fee” listing instead of Realtor due to our past experiences with high sales commission and very little effort to sell our home. There were many different Flat Fee companies to choose from, and after much homework and  several phone calls we chose to work with Paul Marino. Paul offered a package that was unmatched by others, including many more home pictures to be listed in the MLS, no change fees for alterations after listing, and a professional sign in our front yard, just to name a few. We took the pictures, wrote the house description, and chose our commission rate for the buyer broker, and Paul had our home listed and on the Neren MLS within 24 hours!

He even told us we should lower our commission percentage when he thought it was unnecessarily high. Paul Marino’s response time to any of our questions throughout the selling process was very quick and thorough, and his knowledge and advice was excellent. We had a buyer in two weeks, and because so many people house hunt online and call the listing agent instead of using a realtor to find their home, we were able to sell our home without the use of a buyer broker realtor, saving us $23,700! Our transaction was smooth, and Paul helped every step of the way to the closing. We could not be more pleased with the service Paul Marino provided, and highly recommend him to anyone selling in the New England area. We will now be using Paul to purchase a smaller home in New England, as he has proven himself to be a true asset for us!"

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Mr. Mark Masters
Home Seller (Hinesburg, VT) – MLS#: 4634906

"Kudos to Paul Marino of Landfall Properties and his terrific system and support in providing homeowners a low cost means to list their property and dissemination on so many real estate internet sites! My wife and I decided to use his service to sell our lakeside camp in Vermont after having  difficulties, on multiple occasions, in speaking with anyone from a nearby real estate outfit offering a similar service. Throughout our two and a half year ordeal to get our camp sold, Paul interacted with us in exceptionally swift fashion and never waned in such interaction! We clearly got the message during the first year that my camp was just too small for most potential buyers looking for a camp.

With the parcel’s potential for year-round development, We surveyed, designed and permitted a new waste water system to support a new year round home, and even procured a favorable determination by the State for a hypothetical home plan that met State requirements for lake shore development that had just been legislated. Paul had many good ideas on how to market this year round potential and took initiative himself to flag the newly obtained attributes in photos and descriptions for the MLS listing, helping us tremendously with his expertise and experience.

We raised many questions during our marketing of this camp and Paul always had good answers, both already anticipated and covered in documents available on his site, or with specific discussion tuned to our situation. Should we be selling again and have the flexibility to do the showings ourselves, we will most certainly will turn to this Landfall Properties service!" 

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Ms. Michelle Lucas
Home Seller (Hollis, NH) – MLS#: 4645285

"We are so pleased to say that with Paul's assistance we were able to save $30,600 on the sale of our house had we paid a "full service" broker at 6%. Paul was there every step of the way answering our questions and providing us with valuable information to assist us with our sale. If we could say it in a few words, Paul went above  and beyond our expectations. Thanks to his expertise and professionalism, we were able to sell our house quickly and efficiently, only paying a nominal 2% buyer broker fee. This is our first time selling our house by owner and we would definitely use this service for any future home sales."

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Mr. Jeffery Mead
Home Seller (Merrimack, NH) – MLS#: 4634645

"Paul is truly amazing! His support, knowledge and responsiveness far exceeded what I’ve experienced from “full-service” brokers. He was always available to help...always! Phone calls and emails were answered immediately, or within minutes. His answers and advice was always backed by data analytics, which was extremely helpful. We always felt as if Paul had our backs. He was such a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank Paul enough for his service!"